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A Change IN the Scenery

The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.”- Isaiah 35:1

So many people are looking for a “change of scenery”, but what if the very real need for health, relief, and greater levels of joy, peace, and fulfillment comes from a change IN the scenery?

Last week our family embarked on one of our favorite summer traditions as we headed to Palm Desert for a stay at a family-friendly resort. Our kids have always loved being able to enjoy the pools, lazy river, arcade room, and other amenities. As each school year winds down, one of the first questions we get is “When are we going to Indio?” Despite how wonderful the trip is, it is far from perfect. It has been draining at times due to the intense heat, the amount of work keeping the room clean, the resort being overcrowded, and other guests being noisy deep into the night.

This was our eighth year in a row going to the desert and we experienced a world of difference, making this our best trip yet! A variety of factors contributed to experiencing a higher delight level: We were given a corner room on the top floor which provided a great view, a larger patio, and reduced noise; the resort was less crowded which made activities easier to access; the weather was noticeable cooler; we visited a friend who recently moved to the desert and had a wonderful time of sharing memories, laughs, and life together.

This trip served as a reminder that the Lord can and does work in our CURRENT PLACES of life. Rather than running from difficulties, complaining about things or seeking a change from our present environment, we can believe for the Lord to bring real change and new life to those places that need blessing and breakthrough. Psalm 67:6 proclaims, “The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us.What we need to realize is that by His Spirit we can activate the change we have been looking for and desiring. The NEW you need may not necessitate a change of address, but an atmospheric change of our current location! This type of life-giving transformation takes place when we:

  • Pray for those places that need new life (home, work, relationships, etc.)

  • Choose to have a peaceful and joyful countenance no matter the circumstance

  • Saturate your everyday spaces with Worship and declaring God’s Word

  • Invite others to walk with you through the present season

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