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Certainty and Inconvenience

What He has promised will come to pass. The coming of Messiah, the Promised One had been foretold over centuries. It would happen, but the coming of Jesus, came “in the fullness of time,” (Galatians 4:4) which may not have coordinated with other people’s expectations and hope. He did come. Hallelujah!

When He came, those called and involved in the birth and its process were caught up in a miracle, but aspects of it were difficult and inconvenient.

Mary, unmarried, was chosen to bear the Christ child. The call upon her life changed everything. Yes, she was set apart and “blessed among women” (Luke 1:42) but to those who observed her as her pregnancy began to show could easily conclude that she was not living according to God’s Word.

Joseph, preparing to be married, finding out that Mary was pregnant was planning not to shame her publicly, but nevertheless to separate himself from her and their betrothal. What he had been building towards appeared to be derailed, undone.

Heavenly messengers came to minister to both Mary and Joseph, providing them assurance that they were in the center of His will, cast in the greatest pageant the world had ever seen, or ever will see. The Son of God, the Savior of the world, was coming and Mary and Joseph were fully involved in the process.

Yet the call upon their lives was not convenient or comfortable. So, it is for us. Be encouraged, you are in great company if you find the call to follow Jesus challenging. It is! As He has called us to follow Him, blessing accompanies us. When we read the gospels, we see how the LORD met Joseph and Mary throughout their lifetime. Even in the inconvenience of Bethlehem, the LORD provided a place for the baby to be born, provision for the family and direction along the way.

Lord Jesus we thank You for being Immanuel, God with Us. No matter what we face, You are there. The Promised Messiah has come, and we rejoice and celebrate His coming. Hallelujah!

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