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Hope Again

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.”- Psalm 62:5

We need to HOPE AGAIN! It is easy for us to take the word “hope” too lightly or to remove it from our vocabulary during these difficult days. With multiple weeks having passed in this pandemic coupled with the unsettling countdown towards a polarizing election has many feeling hopeless, fearing the worst, conceding defeat, and running for the hills!

The areas in our life that are unanswered need the hope of Jesus applied to them. He is our answer to the pain that has yet to be healed, the bill that is unable to be paid, the dream that has yet to be realized, the relationship that has yet to be reconciled, the prayer that has yet to be answered, and the promise that has yet to be fulfilled. When hope has yet to materialize in the things around us, we need to be reminded by the Holy Spirit that it emanates from within us. Colossians 1:27 tells us about a divine deposit wonderfully working in us until the day of completion, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

As I was praying on my drive to church last Sunday, I found myself confessing the following things, “Jesus, You are forgiveness. Jesus, You are strength. Jesus, You are peace. Jesus, You are love.” It was in that prayer that I found myself being challenged by the Lord that my focus needs to include HOPE. In that correction I had to acknowledge that my hope level for some things was at an all-time low. I did not have expectation for a breakthrough to come quickly, if at all, based on what has been taking place in recent days. The Holy Spirit wants to comfort us and remind us to hope for areas that seem empty, dry, and irreparable. Jesus is the hope for our not being able to meet in-person for church; He is the hope for a return to school; He is the hope for our daily provision and finances; He is the hope for the social unrest and national divide as the election draws near; and He is the hope to bring a complete healing and victory for this pandemic.

It is time to remember where our redemption comes from and to believe in faith for His absolute best to rain down on our lives and land!

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