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LIFE GROUPS: Fall Session

September 16-November 22

Deeper * Better * Stronger

Whether a Bible Study, Men's or Women's focus, prayer/support group, or book study, these weekly gatherings help you go Deeper in your faith, Better connect with others, and grow Stronger for everyday life!


Topic/Leader-                       Time-              Location/Contact-

Power Lunch Prayer            Noon-1 PM     Church Sanctuary

Led by Jody and Patty Smith-

This group gathers every week to cover the prayer requests from our Sunday services, our church leaders, our community and nation.  Come to intercede for God’s powerful answer and receive communion.


Topic/Leader-                       Time-              Location/Contact-

RISE MEN:                            5:30 pm         Changes Each Month

MONDAY NIGHT FAITH       (Third Monday Each Month)

Led by Eric Isaacson-

Guys there is a group for you to connect, grow, and have solid fun!  Each month we will meet for dinner, watch the Monday Night Football Game, and have a brief devotion and discussion time on being a man of God and growing strong in our faith.


Topic/Leader-                       Time-              Location/Contact-

Walking Together in Faith    10:00 am        1256 Calle Castano (Thousand Oaks)

Women’s Group                                          

Led by Sue Giambi-     

Come for a time to receive from God’s Word, share/encourage one another, and pray for needs. 

Topic/Leader-                       Time-              Location/Contact-

Women’s Book Study      7:00 pm               Church Conference Room

“To Live is Christ” By Beth Moore              

Led by Sara Vance and Jeanne Chudacoff- or

Experience what a life changed by Jesus and committed to His kingdom is all about.  This engaging and uplifting book will take you on the journey of Paul’s life and faith.  Enjoy diving into the book and meaningful discussion. 

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