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And they asked each other, ‘Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?’ But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away.”- Mark 16:3-4

We are currently doing a home project and one of the stages I was most looking forward to seeing completed was the stonework. And let me tell you that what I hade been eagerly waiting for exceeded my expectations!

With this being Easter Week the Holy Spirit wants to do a beautiful and powerful work in each of our lives. Easter is all about the new life, miracle power, and forever victory Jesus delivered. When the women arrived at the tomb where the Savior was laid, they were confronted by and resigned to an obstacle that could not be moved, a “very large stone”. They question how in the world can such a weight be moved. Then, in another amazing and awesome God “suddenly”, they come to find the stone had already been ROLLED AWAY! God never changes and is still in the Rolling Stones business. The stone in front of the tomb which the women wanted moved, but impossible to do in human strength, was already handled by the hand of God.

On Easter Week 2022 it is time to believe for new life, miracles, and victory in your here and now! One of the things that must change moving forward is the increasing levels of doubt and despair that we allow to cloud our faith vision. Like the women going to the tomb, we can become pre-occupied with and worried about the problem, rather than being convinced that we have a Savior who is above all things! I want to encourage us to believe in His breakthrough to take place today for the big obstacles, the impossible odds, and the long overdue needs you have. Whether you have been waiting a long time or a recent big need has arisen in life, it is time to believe again in His breakthrough. It is time to believe for a provisional miracle, a relational miracle, a physical healing miracle, a sinner becoming a saint miracle, a perfect timing, “only God” miracle.

Easter is here and Jesus is here for you!


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