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Why Easter?

It seems a ridiculous proposition that One Man could be sacrificed for the sins of the world, dying a horrendous, humiliating death upon a Roman Cross. That this One Man emerged free of a borrowed tomb to live again adds further incredulity to the entire story.

I was once a skeptical unbeliever, lost in the darkness and confusion of bad decisions, broken promises and heartbreak. Thanks be to God, in the midst of my despair, messengers of hope were sent my way. Teenagers on the track team I coached shared with me about Bible study and baptism. A childhood friend sat across a table from me and shared her story of being uniquely touched by God’s grace in her desperate pursuit of healing.

While I was only 23 at the time I recognized as I considered where I was and what I had done that I was not able to do life well for myself or for those around me. I needed serious help.

So when the question was set before me on that evening of June 4, 1994, I responded.

“Yes, I want to receive Jesus as my Savior.”

“Yes, I believe He died on the Cross for my sins and when He rose from the dead He gave me the promise of new and eternal life.”

Now, as I approach the 22nd anniversary of that monumental decision, I realize in the challenges I face today and the circumstances surrounding me, I am always in need of a Savior, and so is the world!

Just this week when I consider all that has come into my heart and head: distressing news about family members, the story of a little girl being removed from the only family she has known, reports of another terrorist bombing where unsuspecting people were slaughtered, and in the wake of the passing of two beloved fellow ministers who suddenly graduated to heaven, I realize I am constantly in need of His presence, His peace and His saving. So is the world around me—ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY!

This is the Why of Easter.

Jesus came because we desperately need a solution and answer to all the pain, brokenness and tragedy of this world. We celebrate His death and resurrection not in a far off, philosophical way…but in a real, desperate act of worship for the hope of His life truly invades and overcomes every part of ours. Without Good Friday and Easter we would be trapped in the vortex of death and despair, living out our days on this earth with no escape plan or eternal exit strategy.

Hallelujah—Jesus came and died on the Cross, paying a price we could never pay on our own. He willingly took all our brokenness, failure, and infirmity upon Himself so we could be healed, restored and forgiven (just to name a few gifts His sacrifice purchased). He rose again, freed from the wrappings and trappings of death, providing the gift of eternal life to all those who believe in Him.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your sacrifice on the Cross and for overcoming the grave. In this You have given us the hope and promise of abundant life now: marked with peace, health and joy and the security of eternal life with Him forever. Together we rejoice and celebrate all He has done and all He will do.

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