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Have You In My Heart

Just as it is right for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart.” - Philippians 1:7

It is an honor and joy to serve as your pastor. To see the work of God’s grace, the evidence of answered prayers and people growing in Jesus is such a gift (better than any chocolates, flowers, or fancy dinners).

Numbers don’t stick in my brain, but stories do. Particularly stories of people’s lives experiencing joy, open doors, resounding victories, and God at deeper dimensions! When I read this verse this week the phrase, “I have you in my heart,” resonated with me. I remember your stories, I so often pray for you, because I carry you in my heart.

The love, concern and hope I have for you is but only a reflection of God’s heart for you. His heart, His love for us is so grand, so perfect, so all encompassing.

My prayer for you this week of Valentine’s Day is that you would know in a greater way how much you are loved. And that the power of this love would so flood and fill your hearts and minds that you would experience increasing measures of true hope and peace.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your blessing upon each one who calls Shepherd’s House Church home. Thank You for Your great love. May we each experience, more and more, the depth and width of Your everlasting love. Amen!!

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